Slap Kings 1.3.2 (Unlimited Money)

NameSlap Kings
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Size98 MB
RequiresAndroid 4.4
Version1.3.2 (build 26)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money

Bigger hands, bigger slap, there are 4 short words that describe the content of the MOD APK version of the funny and interesting game Slap Kings. About

Table of contents
  1. About Slap Kings
    1. Easy to slap
    2. Character upgrade
    3. Become the Slap King
    4. Interesting design
    5. The weakness of the game
  2. MOD APK version of Slap Kings
    1. MOD Features
    2. Is the MOD version safe?
    3. Is there a MOD version for iOS?
  3. Download Slap Kings MOD APK for Android

    About Slap Kings

    Once tired, you will need a highly humorous game. And Slap Kings by Gameguru will bring that up. An interesting game, funny sounds and beautiful pictures.

    You may not know: Gameguru is the famous publisher behind Racing Fever.

    This game is set in a slap tournament where athletes will have to slap each other for points. The one who slaps more powerful is the winner. A loser is a person who is defeated or given up.

    Easy to slap

    The gameplay of Slap Kings is relatively simple. You just need to keep trying to touch the screen to hit the slap. When the bar is in the blue area means your slap reaches maximum power.

    Your character and the other athletes have health bars. This index varies by the athlete. When slapped, this health points will decrease. The person with the previous zero index will fail. And you don’t want to fail, do you?

    Character upgrade

    When you win a match, you will receive regular rewards and gold coins. They are not useless, because you can use them to upgrade your character’s power. There are 2 upgradable indicators: power and health.

    Health: Increasing this index will help increase your health. The higher the health, the greater the ability to withstand the blow.

    Slap power: The stronger the power, the more painful of your slap you can hit.

    Become the Slap King

    Your character will have to fight to defeat one by one. The next athlete will usually be stronger than the previous athlete.

    And when you beat all the athletes in the competition, you become King Slap. This is the ultimate goal of the game and is what all players of this game want.

    Interesting design

    The content of this game generally revolves around slapping again and again. So how do people love this game? There are several reasons.

    Firstly, you will not only face athletes. Occasionally, you will encounter a number of opponents such as sandbags, fish, heaps of bricks, watermelons … Sometimes, you will also face teachers, fat guys, thugs, martial arts masters and lots of personalities. other things.

    Second, slapping is not just slapping. When you achieve the precision of your slap, you can activate extremely funny effects. For example, acrobatics a round, jump from top to bottom, slap the opponent flying off the ring …

    Third, the music effects of the game will make you laugh nonstop.

    The weakness of the game

    The game is a bit boring in the opinion of some users. Need more new modes. Such as tournaments, challenge modes, …

    Need to improve more about effects and sound.

    The game also does not allow customizing your character. Hopefully, it will allow for customization or character selection, making the game more diverse.

    MOD APK version of Slap Kings

    The amount of money received after each game screen is not much, so the process of upgrading your character will be quite slow. The solution here is to use the MOD version of Slap Kings!

    MOD Features

    Unlimited Money: With the unlimited amount of money available, you can easily upgrade the index for your character.

    No Ads: Play this game more fun, slap pain more when not bothered by ads pop up constantly.

    Is the MOD version safe?

    Yes, it is safe. And not only the MOD version but even the APK is completely safe. We assure you of this.

    Is there a MOD version for iOS?

    Is not. We do not do MOD for iOS at the present time.

    Download Slap Kings MOD APK for Android

    Like all other free games, Slap Kings has many ads. This makes the game less fun. But you will be more comfortable with the MOD version. Never mind and download this game to your Android phone, you will really have hilarious laughter!

    Slap Kings APK v1.3.2
    Slap Kings APK (MOD Money) v1.3.2