Sneak Ops 1.0.5

Noodlecake Studios
NameSneak Ops
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RequiresAndroid 4.1
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If you play a lot of FPS games, you feel stress because focused shooting every time so you want to find a new kind of game. I think an action game with

Table of contents
  1. Gameplay
    1. Avoid the pitfalls
      1. The game is constantly being updated
        1. Overview
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            Snesk ops gameplay

            Sneak Ops will take you into many challenges filled with traps, laser guns, and enemies all over the place. Each step of your move should be quite cautious, only a small mistake you have to pay by your life. However, the game is quite easy because the game has a simple control mechanism, you only need basic operations such as pressing the release of hands to the screen can move the character and attack the enemy.

            When you see enemies turn around, you just click on them and your character will automatically perform a sudden attack, deal critical damage from behind. However, not all enemies are easily defeated when attacking from behind, I recommend that if you encounter these enemies you should hide and pass them quietly.

            When you click on the tables and chairs, your character will automatically hide in that to avoid detection by the enemy. Besides, there are some difficult stages where some of the enemies are quite sensitive to the sound, and the steps of your character are easily attract attention. In this case, you should move wise and fast instead of risky.

            Avoid the pitfalls

            Snesk ops apk

            Pitfalls in the game are quite diverse, the laser traps cause you to lose blood upon touching them, the sound traps as you walk through will lead the enemy to come. These pitfalls are usually placed in key positions, but you can also get over quite easily if you know the rules of their operations.

            To have a maximum score you need to overcome all the pitfalls and collect as many floppies scattered on the map.

            The game is constantly being updated

            Snesk ops graphics

            In addition to the 20 default levels, the publisher will always focus on adding new maps every day to try to change the player experience. So every day you need to log into the game to unlock the challenges of that day. If you miss a day you need to watch ads to play and complete the mission of that day.


            Sneak Ops has 2D classic graphics like the arcade games from the 90s. Although not comparable to the high-quality graphics game in the market, but thanks to that the game can run smoothly on many devices including low configuration devices.

            Overall, Sneak Ops is a fun game with a unique style, if you are interested you can download and play for free at the links below.

            Download Sneak Ops APK for Android (Latest version)

            Sneak Ops APK v1.0.5