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Version2.0.2 (build 224)
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STAR WARS: KOTOR II costs $ 14.99 on the Google Play store, you might consider downloading the APK and OBB files for free here.

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about STAR WARS: KOTOR II
    1. The best Star Wars game for Android
    2. The plot follows the first part
    3. The familiar adventure role-playing gameplay
    4. 3D graphics are upgraded compared to the previous one
    5. A great game for fans of STAR WARS
  2. Download STAR WARS: KOTOR II APK for Android

    Introduce about STAR WARS: KOTOR II

    The best Star Wars game for Android

    The full name of this game is Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II. And Aspyr company released STAR WARS: KOTOR II this past Friday for the mobile platform. This event has made the gaming community extremely excited, especially the fans of the old STAR WARS: KOTOR game.

    STAR WARS: KOTOR game franchise is inspired by the Star Wars movie. This is a famous film brand for nearly 30 years. The first Star Wars movie was shown in 1977. Two versions of the game STAR WARS: KOTOR has based on the storyline and image of this brand to develop into a multi-platform game.

    The game is sold at a fairly high price, $ 14.99 and this price may vary depending on the region is released. You might consider downloading the APK and OBB files of this game for free on MODXP.

    The plot follows the first part

    As a sequel of the first part, of course, STAR WARS: KOTOR II develop the plot following the original. Accordingly, the game will take place 5 years after the first version. KOTOR II will take you on an adventure with the main character, a Jedi master. He was charged with exile for participating in the Mandalorian War. The one who accused him was Revan (the protagonist of the previous part), who ordered the Jedi not to join the fight.

    STAR WARS KOTOR II download 1440x810

    The game begins when the main character wakes up from unconsciousness on an asteroid mining facility. The Jedi tried to escape with the help of her comrades. Meanwhile, they find the man who exiled them ten years ago. He is the one who sent the protagonist on a quest to find the remaining Jedi to fight Sith.

    The familiar adventure role-playing gameplay

    STAR WARS: KOTOR II still has the same gameplay as its predecessor, combining role-playing elements and tactics. You need to know how to use your character’s skills in combination with weapons. The character can receive assistance through the Force, or weapons depending on the situation. For example, gun bullets for long-range or close-range melee with the Lightsaber. And the most important of course is the coordination between the members of the team. Depending on whether the enemy is strong or weak, you and your teammates will come up with reasonable strategies.

    Usually, other role-playing games allow players to upgrade their characters from accumulating experience points or adding stats. But STAR WARS: KOTOR II is not. Characters in this game will be judged according to their power. The main character is assessed through the dialogues and what he does through each game stage. From your words, each action to your choices, you can decide your character’s fate. Even those decisions also directly affect the safety of the whole galaxy.

    STAR WARS KOTOR II gameplay 1440x810

    3D graphics are upgraded compared to the previous one

    In the first part, STAR WARS: KOTOR game has been equipped with pretty good quality 3D graphics. However, the manipulation and movement of the characters in the game are not smooth and realistic. To STAR WARS: KOTOR II, this problem has been improved. Characters and robots in the game have much smoother action and movement. If compared to a PC game, maybe STAR WARS: KOTOR II is still not comparable enough in terms of graphics quality. But it’s still very good compared to a mobile game.

    And one more point that we did not like about this game, is the character creation. Character in version II is not much different from the first part, especially the character’s face. The character’s face is quite lifeless and lacks the necessary expressions. Anyway, the new STAR WARS: KOTOR II has also been upgraded to a better quality than the old one.

    A great game for fans of STAR WARS

    As you know, Star Wars is a movie monument with a huge fan base globally. It is also likened to religion. So this game quickly attracted a large community of players across many countries. There are many social networking groups set up exclusively for those who love STAR WARS: KOTOR game.

    STAR WARS KOTOR II apk download 1440x810

    Not only is it appreciated by the players, but the world’s leading game newspapers also praise this game a lot. And the appearance of STAR WARS: KOTOR II makes the gaming community extremely excited. It is expected that this game will storm the entertainment market in the near future.

    Download STAR WARS: KOTOR II APK for Android

    We don’t need much assessment to confirm the quality of STAR WARS: KOTOR II. It still carries the familiar gameplay, but there’s a lot of new content waiting to be discovered. You can download the game via the links below this article. It’s completely free.