Starsteel Fantasy 1.18.0 (God Mode, Spirit Damage, Sword Damage)

Crunchyroll Games
NameStarsteel Fantasy
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RequiresAndroid 6.0
MOD FeaturesGod Mode, Spirit Damage, Sword Damage

Starsteel Fantasy MOD APK is a role-playing game from Crunchyroll Games, with combat mechanics based on familiar match-3 puzzles.

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about Starsteel Fantasy
    1. Background
    2. Gameplay is easy but also tactical
    3. Role-playing elements, old but gold
    4. Match-3 and what else?
    5. Graphics and sound

Introduce about Starsteel Fantasy

Own your destiny in the world of Starsteel Fantasy

It has a mix of three genres: RPG, combat and match-3. Do you find this combo quite “strange”? Don’t worry, it will not let you down.


You will play as one of the four heroes fighting against legions of monsters, dragons, weird slimes… to protect the safety of the world. The strength of you and your teammates is the colored stones that represent the elements making up heaven and earth. When you merge enough of a color, you will be able to deploy a magical move corresponding to the power of that element and bring it down on enemies. Who will win? It all depends on your ingenuity.

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Gameplay is easy but also tactical

Starsteel Fantasy is first a fairly light mobile RPG. You don’t have to stress about developing skills or struggling to complete difficult assigned tasks. This is a game for entertainment. So if you’re looking for a game of bombardment, stress, and a sublime plot twist, Starsteel Fantasy is clearly not suitable. And those of you who are looking for a ralxing role-playing game, then download now.

You’ll start the game like a classic RPG with a little story, a reason and motivation for the fight. There’s character selection and customization. The unusual only comes when you start encountering the first enemy. At this point, the game interface will immediately switch to the classic match-3 screen. By cleverly arranging and quickly winning match three challenges, each time a match-3 line succeeds (corresponding to a move of the corresponding color), your character will show moves and damage enemy. It can be said that the detailed match-3 solving process is the guide for the hero’s speed and attack ability.

The gameplay only revolves around the mechanism of arranging the same color elements in the same place (match-3) to bring the character’s attack ability. However, if you have a path in the right direction, carefully study the damage of each element and deliberately find ways to match them as much as possible in jigsaw challenges. After that, victory on the battlefield can completely come in a way full of tactics and bravery.

Role-playing elements, old but gold

The traditional role-playing element of Starsteel Fantasy is evident from the beginning of the game, when you choose your character, based on classic RPG classes such as Healer, Tank, DPS and Magic. On the way to battle, always keep a close eye on the Illness, Summoner Spells and Efficiency stats to ensure the stability of the character. These are also three stats that can be alternately upgraded after each victory. Making moves is obviously possible thanks to playing match-3 but choosing to improve which stats is clearly thanks to the tactical mind of the player.

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It is this clear blend and rhythmic back-and-forth that Starsteel Fantasy creates its own charm from simple things.

Match-3 and what else?

Playing this game, you can also build your own prosperous kingdom. Besides, there is a series of other exciting activities such as crafting weapons, creating powerful items and equipment, and summoning legendary heroes to protect the new kingdom.

Bosses in Starsteel Fantasy are more talented than you think. They will constantly move; blood is abundant, and skills are diverse and unpredictable. When I meet the boss, I always let it attack first to see how strong it is and then go back to check the strength of the elements. Whichever aim is strong enough to defeat the opponent, focus on matching the shape for that color. Meeting a strong boss but losing turns due to unreasonable attacks is considered lose.

Note that moving colored stones can help you create a chain of attacks if there are both horizontal and vertical rows of the same color and cancel at the same time. Think carefully about grafting. The combo power can be many times more than a single normal move. Just like that, diligently fighting until the scene is completed. Each time you win, you will receive an number of items needed to build a new kingdom or craft other necessary equipment.

Graphics and sound

My first impression of the game is the graphics and layout. The control in Starsteel Fantasy are a bit confusing because there are too many details. If you ignore this pretty drawback, the remaining visual elements are all very commendable with 3D graphics, beautiful scenery, attractive characters, flexible movements, epic moves, and lighting effects.

Starsteel Fantasy MOD by MODXP 1440x810

The sound is also quite appealing. It feels like a real achievement when matching colored stones is complete and the character is allowed to cast. The sound of rumbling brakes out, even for a moment, but brings memorable moments in the battle.

Starsteel Fantasy APK ([MENU]) v1.18.0
Starsteel Fantasy APK v1.18.0