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NameStrike Team Hydra
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After the success of Demon's Rise many years ago, Wave Light Games continued this game series with Demon's Rise 2: Lords of Chaos, but they did not

Table of contents
  1. The battle in outer space
    1. Turn-based strategy gameplay
      1. 48 missions and more
        1. Should you play Strike Team Hydra?
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            The battle in outer space

            Strike Team Hydra apk

            The battle in outer space of human is becoming more dangerous when Sethari appears – an alien species capable of producing genes to create an army of elite warriors. You are the commander of the Hydra warship, lead your team to fight against the Sethari, destroy the aliens that threaten humanity. Do not fail because your spaceship is the last shield of the Earth and is the last hope of humanity. Get ready to fight!

            Turn-based strategy gameplay

            Strike Team Hydra gameplay

            When your team raids into Sethari’s base, direct each member to move in good positions so that they can both attack and dodge enemies. Hiding behind rocks or machines may be a good idea, but be careful as it may explode.

            The game has turn-based gameplay. Basically, Strike Team Hydra is like some other strategy game in the market. Your team consists of 6 different members, your task is to pick the strongest warriors, and then arrange them logically in the team. Not only collecting the strongest galactic warriors, but you also have to come up with the right tactics throughout the game, because the number of enemies is much more than your team. Each member has its own strengths, roles, and limitations. Because there are only six soldiers, it is very important to keep the lives of each member of the team. Some tactics that you can use in battle:

            • Cover: Use the shield to block damage from the enemy. Shields will protect your team in a short time, creating a bit of tactical or necessary advantage when you want to cross dangerous areas.
            • Suppression: Use fire to lock the enemy for a while. This tactic is used in case you want to keep your opponent and waiting for the time bomb to explode.
            • Action points: Activate the special skills of the warriors to fight against the enemy. Use this tactic only when it is most needed.
            • Morale: Not only care about the strength of your team, but the spirit is also important to every soldier. In certain cases, if your soldiers are losing their temper, they will be more likely to cause chaos and run away to save their lives instead of continuing to fight.

            48 missions and more

            Strike Team Hydra characters

            Strike Team Hydra’s gameplay is deep with 28 story quests and 20 other side quests arranged with increasing difficulty. In between the two missions, the only thing you can do is equip some items or upgrade the strength of the team members. In addition, you can swap the team members with the warriors you have in the collection for having a good team. Note that if you lose any one member in the battle, that soldier will not be rewarded experience after completing the mission, so try not to let someone die. There are a lot of treasures hidden somewhere around the map, which may include weapons, equipment or gems. If you do not like it, you may not pick them up or resell them to the store to get back some money.

            The interface of Strike Team Hydra is pretty rough designed and hard to control, but after some versions, this game is getting better and better, making it easier to work on mobile devices.

            Should you play Strike Team Hydra?

            Of course, the answer is “yes”. Strike Team Hydra is a strategy game combining action with very well developed by the publisher Wave Light Games. The game is more and more complete and brings many surprises for players. The good news is that the game is discounted only to $ 1.49 on Google Play, let install it today!

            Download Strike Team Hydra APK for Android (Latest version)

            Strike Team Hydra for Android APK v8