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Playing Tales of the Mirror APK, you will unravel the mysteries of the mysterious story of a woman in the Ming Dynasty, China.

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  1. Introduce about Tales of the Mirror
    1. The big case on the misty Yangtze River
    2. Gameplay
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    4. Graphics and sound
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    Introduce about Tales of the Mirror

    Travel Back to the Ancient Orient

    The big case on the misty Yangtze River

    This story has beautiful paintings, but it is sad and full of tears. I feel so sorry for the women of the old feudal era.

    Tales of the Mirror tells the story of events taking place at the end of the Ming Dynasty, south of the Yangtze River. While admiring the scenery of rivers and lakes, you, a young Confucian student, met Ren Sanniang (NPC character) and heard about the injustice that she had carried all her life. Her life story was so touching that you, who was neither Justice Pao nor authority, determined to assist and redress the injustices.

    Tales of the Mirror for Android

    You only have a few short days to find out the truth. The only thing you have now is a magic mirror capable of detecting lies. It will help you to find out the terrible secret behind those blatant lies. There are many NPC characters that you need to interact with throughout the story. But in the end, after everything is exposed, only sadness remains. Try your best to save these pitiful people.


    Tales of the Mirror belongs to the unique puzzle genre. You will use detective skills, observation, combined with speculation and intuition to decipher wrongs and bring justice to innocent people.

    In Tales of the Mirror, there are not only many clues but also confounding factors. You must use the magic mirror in the cleverest way so as not to fall into the trap of anyone no matter how trustworthy that person seems. As a great detective, in addition to the magical ability of the mirror, you must also have observation, sharpness, speculation and luck. It all adds up to the best outcome.

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    In the process of discovering clues through conversations, connecting the details together, you will continuously solve puzzles and make a lot of decisions on your own. Depending on the decision, the direction of the whole story will change, so the outcome will also be different.


    When playing, you must always be alert. The truth is not always clear. The mirror itself is only a part, the rest is up to each person’s guesswork. Clues will lie among people’s words. Be careful because everyone carries a part of a lie and lots of information is received at the same time.

    Playing this game, i was so immersed in the plot that i had to write them down to find the clues. Layers of information appeared, then faded, and then reappeared in another direction. String, take notes to detect liars and illogical points. It’s a bit laborious, but that’s how interesting this game is. I was so suspenseful when discovering unusual information. I felt like i was Sherlock Holmes going back in time to solve a crime.

    Graphics and sound

    Tales of the Mirror has driven me crazy from scratch. It’s a true work of art. The way exquisite ancient Chinese backdrops combined with light novels, puzzles, and melancholy melodies is incredible. Everything makes you just want to find the truth quickly and save the poor people.

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    The human value that the game brings is also a part that makes me decide to play till the end. If you heard that women in the old days suffered, then playing the game you would realize that the word “suffering” was much heavier. It also included injustice, oppression, and contempt. The men in the story are sometimes worth nothing.

    Download Tales of the Mirror APK free for Android

    I have almost finished the game. Now, if anyone asks whether they should play Tales of the Mirror or not, I honestly don’t know the answer. If you want to play entertaining puzzle games or enjoy an artistic hand-drawn game, this one is for you. But Tales of the Mirror will not bring laughter and relief to you. After playing, I just want to complain that where the fair for women in the feudal period was. No matter what you do, you cannot save the dead people.

    Tales of the Mirror APK v1.0.15