The Alchemist Code (High Damage)

NameThe Alchemist Code
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RequiresAndroid 5.0
Version9. (build 109010100)
MOD FeaturesHigh Damage

The Alchemist Code (MOD High Damage) is the ultimate role-playing strategy game from the Japanese publisher Gemi. Gumi is also known around the world as

Table of contents
  1. Gameplay
    1. Characters
      1. Upgrade your items, why not?
        1. Graphics and sound
          1. Overview
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              THE ALCHEMIST CODE ingame 1024x576

              Of course, graphics are just one factor contributing to the success of The Alchemist Code. This game has an interesting turn-based combat style. Inspired by the Japanese mobile game for whom The Alchemist Code, this game will take you on a journey full of galloping characters Logi and Dias. This game has a system that guides players along the way. Set up a team of 5 characters, three mercenary characters, and two supporting characters. Combine the magic power between the characters that you own to power the whole team to become the headiest.

              In addition to the familiar storyline battle gameplay, the game also has a real-time PvP combat mode.


              THE ALCHEMIST CODE character 1024x576

              Talking about heroes, this game has more than 50 characters. Each character has a different power, stats, attributes, clothing, and equipment to help players customize their team. Each way combined to help you create a different power and tactical battle to help you conquer the boss as fast as possible. With combat style, tactics turn base, maps of The Alchemist Code is divided into many cells. The mission of the player is to move, approach and fight the enemy through these cells.

              Upgrade your items, why not?

              THE ALCHEMIST CODE items 1024x576

              Upgrade your equipment, increase your character’s maximum level to optimize the power of crushing all the enemies in your way. Use smart tactics to win the game in the face of tough competition, conquer the rankings in the rankings. In particular, The Alchemist Code supports 4-player co-op mode, together to solve the difficult challenges that the game brings to you. Join and complete the daily tasks and the Events task to get the rare piece of equipment.

              The gameplay is quite simple, bringing the tradition of the S-RPG series. Besides, the game’s interface and operations also make it easy for players to grasp. In particular, this game also has an Auto mode. Just work, The Alchemist Code automatically without worry interrupt in the middle, so great it does not?

              Graphics and sound

              THE ALCHEMIST CODE graphics 1024x576

              In this version of the game, Gumi decided to play “all hands” into the music system of The Alchemist Code. This has contributed greatly to the success of a series of hit Japanese games such as Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy XV – Composer Yoko Shimomura will directly compose and responsible for mixing the whole sound effects music in the game. Along with him, there is also a cast of famous Japanese entertainers who have voiced their voices. All created a super game that you can not miss.


              If you want to look for an attractive strategy role-playing game, you should really try The Alchemist Code. This game is available on both iOS and Android platforms for free.

              Download The Alchemist Code MOD APK for Android (Latest version)

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