The Fishercat 4.1.4 (Unlimited Money/Gear)

NameThe Fishercat
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RequiresAndroid 5.0
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/Gear

The Fishercat MOD APK is a fun fishing game with lovely shapes, bright colors and gameplay that anyone can play.

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about The Fishercat
    1. Background
    2. Gameplay
    3. Relaxing cat

Introduce about The Fishercat

Become a cat and harpoon fish!


You will assume the role of a cute kitten. While friends of the same age like to play football, drink milk, or curl up lazily on soft beds, you run out to live on a deserted island. And the cat’s biggest hobby is catching fish. It is the perfect excuse to start the game.

The Fishercat for Android 1440x810

The Fishercat is a cat-and-fish game. Our cat friend loves to eat fish and hunt for the best fish in the sea with his own hands. So, he’s not afraid to use all his abilities and take advantage of his own capital to hunt fish under the sea every day. Later, the cat will also be equipped with a lot of unique humanity items such as a space suit, epic long-range guns, or a gun that can shoot underwater.

The life of this lovely, independent cat revolves around activities: receiving letters from friends, getting hungry, hunting fish, enjoying delicious fish dishes, selling fish for money, and upgrading equipment. Months have passed with a series of accumulated experiences in the process of hunting fish, our cat has become a professional fish catcher. He is also rich and has a huge arsenal of tools.


Manipulating fish hunting is simply touching the screen to drag over and back to aim the right fish to hunt. When you aim exactly, remove your hand out of the screen and the cat will immediately catch it.

From the beginning, our feline friend has nothing but time and dexterous hands. With these talented hands, this cat has created a lot of weapons to catch fish. Not to mention later he will collect money to sell and buy more powerful weapons. The striped cat’s fishing weapon is remarkably diverse such as knives, nets, guns, bows and arrows… When playing, you will feel more specific. In general, this cat must be equipped with so many “weapons” because in this desert island, catching fish is no joke.

The Fishercat MOD by MODXP 1440x810

There are more than 150 kinds of big and small fish of all kinds in the game. But the irony is that they are always on the move, none of them stand still waiting to be caught. Our cat needs to go out to sea on a sturdy boat, using a combination of different weapons to expect to catch fish. Sometimes you have to dive down to the place instead of just sitting leisurely on the boat.

When catching fish successfully, you will be able to choose to bring the fish home to sell or put in the aquarium designed by the cat himself. If you sell fish, you will earn money and use the money to upgrade your gear. And when you overcome enough challenges and gain more fishing experience, you will gradually unlock new seas to continue your exciting journey.

Relaxing cat

As you dive into the sea and embark on a fishing journey, you’ll realize that it’s not just fish below. You also don’t have to just work hard to catch fish. Feel free to enjoy the shimmering beauty of the scenery on the seabed: strange fishes, coral reefs, seaweed, and cool waters. Let everything be in sight, freely swim around to explore everything, and watch each school of colorful fish before grabbing them into the net.

And yet, this cat also knows how to enjoy life. After being in the water, catching a bunch of chubby fish, the cat will go straight to the boat back to his green island. This is where many kittens are waiting to play in the clear sunlight. This life is the dream of many people.

The Fishercat APK download 1440x810

In addition, with the number of fish caught, the cat also thinks of all sorts of pastimes besides selling it. He will make beautiful tanks, in which there are many rare and colorful fish that he has found on the seabed, and a variety of miscellaneous decorations picked up while catching fish. Well, now it’s no longer called a tank, but an aquarium. The process of accumulating fish and decorations for this “Home Aquarium” is also extremely interesting in this game.

Unlike any fishing game you’ve ever played, this cat-and-fish game is fun and playful with beautiful colors, logical details, rhythmic movements, lovely fish, and countless fishing tools. Especially, the seascape is sparkling.

The Fishercat APK ([Pro Money/Gears]) v4.1.4
The Fishercat APK v4.1.4