The Legend of Bum-Bo 1.0.6

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NameThe Legend of Bum-Bo
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PublisherThe Label
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You can download the APK and OBB files of The Legend of Bum-Bo for free on MODXP. Join a thrilling and exciting journey with Bum Bo.

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about The Legend of Bum-Bo
    1. The story of The Legend of Bum-Bo
    2. 3D graphics in hand drawn style
    3. Gameplay
    4. Unlock more Bum-Bo characters
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    Introduce about The Legend of Bum-Bo

    The Legend of Bum-Bo is an indie roguelike puzzle game released by The Label, a team of two-member developers Edmund McMillen (designer) and James (software engineer). This game first appeared on the Windows platform via Steam in 2019. Releases for iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch were released shortly afterwards. If you love the famous video game The Binding of Isaac, you probably also know that The Legend of Bum-Bo is the prequel to this game.

    The story of The Legend of Bum-Bo

    Bum Bo is a homeless guy (actually, he’s just a guy made of cardboard). He lived happily with his recycle bin and coins, in a beautiful box behind a house on the hill. One day, a coin falls down a manhole, taking Bum Bo on a terrifying and somewhat “crap” adventure. He jumped down and went to find his coin. Bum Bo did not know that hundreds of monsters, bosses, insane people were waiting for him.

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    3D graphics in hand drawn style

    The first impression when you play The Legend of Bum-Bo is that the graphics are drawn like a picture hand-drawn by children. The main context of the game is set in a cardboard sandbox, somewhat dark and scary. You do not know which enemy you will face in the dark. Monsters in the game are also made of cardboard. How the characters move and act like a water puppet. You can even see a stick attached to the characters.

    The Legend of Bum Bo MODXP

    Space is filled with poops, bones, and monstrous monsters. But they are not too scary and disgusting thanks to the cartoon design. Because of some violent images, gore and drugs, the game requires players to be 17 years old or older.


    To defeat hundreds of bosses, monsters, stray kids, insane people, you need to solve the puzzles that the game offers. It is quite similar to match-3 puzzle games, but not exactly the same. You move an entire row (or column) to join 4 or more objects such as bones, droppings, or fluids to attack monsters. In it, teeth and bones help you attack monsters, pee gives you more turns, poops help you defend.

    If after two turns, you cannot match anything, you must face one monster attack and lose half of your heart. You have three hearts, corresponding to three lives. If you use up all the hearts you have, the game ends and you have to go back to the first dungeon. You can match 4 heart symbols to get more hearts, helping to lengthen your journey. After destroying all the monsters in your way, you have the right to open the door to take one more step to Bum Bo’s coin.

    Unlock more Bum-Bo characters

    During dungeon adventure journey, you get some coins. Use coins to unlock more unique Bum-Bo outfits like Bum-Bo the Brave, Bum-Bo the Nimble, Bum-Bo the Stout, Bum-Bo the Weird, … Each character has skills special abilities and magic. For example, Bum-Bo the Stout is capable of dealing with magic damage to the first enemy and knocking them back a row. Bum-Bo the Nimble can also deal with magic damage to any enemy, and increase its damage per turn.

    The Legend of Bum Bo APK free download

    Download The Legend of Bum-Bo APK free for Android

    The Legend of Bum-Bo is a long journey for players who love to explore. The game’s story has many endings. Possibly, Bum Bo found his coin, but he also found something more meaningful. It is also possible that Bum Bo finds a treasure trove of other Bum Bo’s, which is the outfits you can use in the game. No one knows what will happen. Follow what feels right and enjoy the game’s meaningful storyline.

    The stories and meanings of this game have a vital connection to what happens in The Binding of Isaac. Please don’t miss any detail. The Legend of Bum-Bo is priced at $ 14.99 on Google Play, you can download it completely free via the link below.

    The Legend of Bum-Bo APK v1.0.6