Traffic Run! 1.10.8 (Free Shopping, No Ads)

Geisha Toky
NameTraffic Run!
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PublisherGeisha Toky
Size83 MB
RequiresAndroid 5.0
Version1.10.8 (build 4432)
MOD FeaturesFree Shopping, No Ads

Currently, the problem of traffic accidents is very painful and complicated. There are many unfortunate accidents that happen because drivers do not know

Table of contents
  1. About Traffic Run!
    1. Simple but fun gameplay
    2. Unlock many vehicles
    3. Play Traffic Run! in your own way
    4. Graphics and sound

About Traffic Run!

Simple but fun gameplay

Traffic Run! requires you to drive safely to the destination. You must cross the crowded intersections with many vehicles passing by and avoid the cars that are running on that highway to avoid collisions. In addition, you must also cross the intersection of rail and highway. The train passes very quickly and unexpectedly gives you the danger. However, the game is not limited to time so you can easily overcome the challenge with patience. Being patient – seems a bit difficult for people who like speed.

Although it’s a simple game, if you think it’s boring, you’re wrong. There are many levels corresponding to different bends. The difficulty level also increases gradually through each level with the number of vehicles increasing. Moreover, in addition to playing patiently waiting and catching the moment to cross the road, you can create more interesting ways to play. If you cause an accident in the game, there is nothing too serious. You can play again from the beginning.

Unlock many vehicles

There are many levels with enough challenges for you. Each game will earn you coins by going through the coin on the way and winning. After a few levels, you can unlock a new car by the lucky spin with 600 coins. There are actually many different color cars such as cars, trucks, bus, etc. However, all cars only bring new visual effects, there is no difference in speed.

Play Traffic Run! in your own way

As you know, Traffic Run! truly a simple game. Extremely easy to manipulate with touching and holding to go and drop to brake. However, you can create your own style.

If you are patient, you can play slowly to get to the finish line because there is no time limit. You will wait for all the cars go away so the road will smoothly and safely. It is really the easiest and most effective way to play. However, if you are an adventurous player and like a novelty, you should choose “Rush B, nonstop”. Go straight and don’t slow down. I tried it and liked it very much. It is suitable for those who like adventure and speed. Although mostly, your car will bump into other cars. The heavier is being thrown away by a train. However, you will feel like you’re in a Hollywood action movie.

Graphics and sound

Talking about graphics, Traffic Run! only has 2D graphics and animated images. However, everything in the simulated game is very funny. Especially in situations of emergency braking or car collisions … All are perfect and realistic.

In addition, the game also has a nice sound. The game’s soundtrack is quite realistic, especially when it comes to situations such as bumping or braking. Thereby giving players the feeling like real life.

Traffic Run! APK ([Free Shopping]) v1.10.8
Traffic Run! APK v1.10.8