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Nuclear Games
NameWarplane Inc
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Version1.13 (build 39)
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Warplane Inc MOD APK is a game from Russian publisher called Nuclear Games (Ломакин Дмитрий). Download it now!

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about Warplane Inc
    1. Ultimate graphics
    2. Experience like being a real pilot
    3. The developer’s trick to seduce players is “stick and a carrot”
    4. The process of finding items is very interesting

Introduce about Warplane Inc

Iron fleet in the world war sky!

Do you have a special love for epic airplane models, or have you dreamed of being behind the wheel of a WWII fighter? Just that is enough for you to download the game Warplane Inc to play. The game gives you lots of surprises!

Ultimate graphics

No matter how to play and the rhythm, but the plane’s image is epic, sharp, plus the way to swing majestically in the sky. You have already felt your heart vibrate for a few beats. As you go deeper, you will continue to admire a series of the most intense air battles ever, join a squadron in the special campaign, fight with dozens of giant iron birds from the enemy. Whoever you choose on your side: Nazi or Allies, the sight of the giant flying army you look at belongs to World War II, really like seeing a wonder.

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Experience like being a real pilot

Initially, when I played, I only thought about the plane wars, completely did not think further. But I believe this is a game of combos: in addition to air combat simulation, air combat tactics, you can also learn how to become a master planner and base builder. By building an airbase, managing and operating an army to fly in the assigned campaign, you will understand that an army’s strength not only comes from combat aircraft but from vision, comprehensiveness, and ingenuity in the strategy.

The developer’s trick to seduce players is “stick and a carrot”

Warplane Inc is good in that you do not need to aim accurately. The system supports you with that. Your task is to strategize, plan everything, be ready to counter-attack plans, attack at the right time, choose the right angle, and press the button to shoot. In real life, it’s not that simple, and of course the ammunition is also extremely limited. So, according to me, the game has supported the player by about 30%.

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Are you wondering if you only play the single-player mode, how do you control the air force? Except for one pre-selected one, of course, the remaining fighters are controlled by AI. But unique in that the AI’s level depends entirely on the current commander’s level. If you accumulate a lot of experience points and skill points, strength from the previous stages such as building, managing bases, training pilots, and recruiting new soldiers … then the score will be high, and the AI’s level is also strong.

One more point demonstrates the “pull-push” tactic of the developer. While some people think that playing Warplane Inc several times is enough because most of the operations, whether difficult or easy, are just around controlling the plane, approaching the target, targeting the object, changing speed, dropping bombs, or shooting. That’s all. But if you really go into the pre-battle process, you will find that excitement is only about 40% of the battle. The other 60% is about strategic stages.

The process of finding items is very interesting

Not just one type of item, but you can collect many things in many different ways. For example, collecting ‘loot’ from shooting down enemies, gathering new building materials from the remnants of previous wars, gathering gold, oil, and fuel materials will also help build and level up new buildings and upgrade aircraft. These items will help you to upgrade your base.

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Note, there are 3 things that will need to be upgraded and renewed continuously: air bases, fighters, and pilot capabilities. At this time, Warplane Inc is no longer a normal simulation game but switched to the resource management genre. Whoever is skillful, thoughtful, and has a good vision in the future will be the winner in the long run. These players have the opportunity to acquire many things, build strong bases, skilled pilots, and modern aircraft. Having these three elements, the battle is in the palm of your hand.

Warplane Inc APK ([Free Purchase]) v1.13
Warplane Inc APK v1.13