Zgirls 2: Last One 1.0.58

NameZgirls 2: Last One
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2018 is the year of the survival games, where players will have to do everything possible to survive. Last Day on Earth is an extremely zombie-killing

Table of contents
  1. Collect what you can
    1. Kill the zombies
      1. Other threats
        1. Graphics
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            Collect what you can

            zgirls 2 character

            When you join Zgirls 2: Last One, you will not be introduced and guided by any ideas and will be dropped into a dead land, surrounded by bloodthirsty zombies and must find a way to survive by any means price. This opening is similar to Last Day on Earth, causing many of the players to name this game an anime version of Last Day on Earth. However, you will soon get used to this, and then start your self-existence by collect everything possible and make tools such as picks, axes … to kick stones, cut trees for wood, use which materials to build up the house and make the necessary furniture.

            The home is where you can stay away from zombie attacks, and store your belongings, items and food. Of course, you will have to collect and use this food reasonably to live and fight. You will not be able to fight on an empty stomach, right?

            zgirls 2 apk

            Kill the zombies

            zgirls 2 gameplay

            The zombies are the greatest danger to you, they are always around, rife in the jungle and the vast fields. The noises you make when cutting trees, mining rocks or making something appealing to them, and you will have to fight if there is a real zombie group approaching.

            And in order to survive easier, you need to level up and unlock better weapons to enhance your combat ability. The game has a lot of different weapons with great damage, some weapons have far-reaching or wide range.

            Other threats

            zgirls 2 gameplay 2

            Not only do zombies want to eat you, even other players want to destroy you to rob your resources. You must always be on guard, even if you are a member of your allies. Although common allies help and share resources, they can still rob the resources you have.


            Zgirls 2: Last One has a beautifully animated 3D graphics and a brighter scene. The areas on the map are split into small areas, making it easy for players to explore new areas and confront new challenges. The only thing that I like is that the character in the game is just a girl, you start the game with nothing, characters wearing only underwear and run around a zombie area (LOL), this character is sexy.

            Game manipulation is similar to any role-playing game in the market, with a set of virtual keys on the left side of the screen and a series of function keys on the right, such as attacking, picking up and opening the bag.

            Download Zgirls 2: Last One APK for Android

            Because the article is quite long so I will temporarily end here, there is much to say about this attractive game. And if you want to change the wind with survival, why not try Zgirls 2: Last One? Controlling a girl in underwear to run into the forest and fight together with zombies is interesting, right?

            The game supports both Android and iOS platforms, note that the iOS version has not been released, I will update the link when the official information. You can download Zgirls 2 via the links below.

            Zgirls 2 APK v1.0.58