Zula Mobile 0.23.0 (No Recoil, No Spread, Walk Speed, Gravity)

Lokum Games
NameZula Mobile
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PublisherLokum Games
Size850 MB
RequiresAndroid 5.1
Version0.23.0 (build 185)
MOD FeaturesNo Recoil, No Spread, Walk Speed, Gravity

Zula Mobile MOD APK from the publisher Lokum Games, is an FPS first-person shooter game for phones. Get it now!

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about Zula Mobile
    1. Gameplay
    2. Familiar map and interesting game mode
    3. What’s in Zula Mobile equipment section?
    4. Graphics and sound

Introduce about Zula Mobile

Bloody shooter game will surely satisfy FPS addicts


To put it bluntly, Zula Mobile is a modern 3D Online FPS game. After playing, you will realize that in many game modes, the online part with teammates is the most focused with countless attractive maps.

Zula Mobile has many tasks set for the main character. Each mission always comes with a brief and detailed description such as where to go, what to do, how many enemies to kill… Based on this information and the selected game mode, you will enter a tough match with the enemy.

Zula Mobile for Android 1440x810

The way to control when playing is also quite easy. Control up and down with arrow simulator buttons. There is a selection area to switch weapons and a run button to change the speed each time you need to approach and shoot quickly. The initial operation is also a bit difficult because the positions are quite different from other shooting games. But don’t worry because after 10 minutes, you will get used to this immediately.

Familiar map and interesting game mode

Zula Mobile will take you through 4 game modes:

  • Team Deathmatch: Form a team with a few more players to play against another team. The team that kills more enemies will win.
  • Sabotage: Your mission is using a reasonable strategy to place bombs to destroy all enemies. Game over when you kill all the enemies.
  • Free for All: Multiplayer mode to fight with enemies who are other online players.
  • Wanted: Play solo with hostile NPC characters. You will be a fugitive from the chase of the enemy. You must try to be alive till the end to victory.

Therein, the team battle is the most maps. This is also the most popular game mode, so the manufacturer is devoted about it. There is a small point I really like this game mode: from level 1, it has already matched me with real players instead of bots.

The map is also rich and quite familiar to who often play FPS. Corresponding to each map, there will be different tasks set. In Zula map, each place has its own characteristics and terrain. Depending on the location, the ability to attack directly or hide in obstacles to fight will have an advantage. It also counts on each person’s fighting style.

Zula Mobile MOD by MODXP 1440x810

Be free to choose any space you like from vibrant, crowded places like Party, Pool, Chinese Garden, Night Club or the complex cargo port of Cargo Ship, or the empty places in Nemrut and The Old Town… The darker the scene is, the more opportunity you get to juggle and show bravery talent (Nemrut is the scene I highly appreciate, murky with a little wild and many hidden things waiting for you to explore).

What’s in Zula Mobile equipment section?

Your character will be one of twenty available options. Initially you only have a few basic weapons. Later when completing the task, there will be more from grenades like Flashback MX1, to Pistol guns, Assault assassination weapons, Snipper… There are hundreds of weapons here, most of which are heavy guns. Besides, eight thousand different small and miscellaneous accessorie will help you to transform your character.

Of course, you need to win to unlock them!

Graphics and sound

I’m so amazed because of the depth and detail in each scene. It’s so real. The way the main character moves, holds a gun, and runs forward is also very heartbreaking. The scene with people combined makes the fight more intense than ever. Lighting effects, shadows, and blood splashes are quite scary. Play for a while, enter the tempo of the game, and you will be unable to stop.

Zula Mobile MOD APK download 1440x810

Sound is the second most heartbreaking thing. This game is quite noisy, but it is noise that makes it better for players to feel with game. Remember to wear headphones or add external speakers to experience in the most realistic way. Thanks to the sound of rushing, gunfire constantly resounding, teammates calling each other… every battlefield is as jubilant as a festival. It can be said that the excellent voice line is one of the factors that make up the appeal of this shooting game.

Zula Mobile APK (MOD MENU) v0.21.1
Zula Mobile APK v0.23.0